Our Yoga Classes 

Yoga classes on the Welikande yoga retreats are held in the beautiful yoga shala with panoramic views of the surrounding area. There are two classes a day; a morning session where we build our energy with a flow class to bring movement into our bodies and prepare us for our day, and an evening class where we practise a gentle form of yoga with inspiration from hatha, yin and pranayama to promote total relaxation. Our resident yoga teachers adapt their classes to suit a range of abilities so that everyone is welcome on a Welikande yoga retreat. 

Our Meditation

As well as the physical yoga practice at Welikande we also offer a meditation and yoga nidra session every evening. This helps us to relax and sleep better. Meditation and yoga nidra are suitable for everyone even if you don't have any experience. The meditation is partially guided to help you establish a meditation practice and to equip you with skills you can use even when you return home. Yoga Nidra is a form of 'conscious deep sleep' and will provide rejuvenation for the body and mind by allowing excess tension both physically and mentally to melt away.

Welikande Villas Yoga Retreat

234 Siridigan Rd Pussallegolla, Udispattuwa, Kandy District, Knuckles Mountains, Kandy

Tel: +94 76 921 6052


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